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What is LTL freight shipping?

Transport LTL

What is LTL freight shipping?

If you ship or receive goods in small batches, i.e. a few pallets or packages, then you have probably already heard of LTL freight.

With all the advantages it can offer you, it’s worth considering this option.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about LTL transportation!

LTL freight definition

LTL is a transportation service that refers to “Less-Than-Truckload” (hence the acronym LTL).

To better illustrate this, let’s take the example of a company that wants to ship a single pallet of goods from Canada to the United States. The company can contact an LTL company, which will take that pallet and place it on a truck with freight from other customers to be shipped in the same area.

This enables the shippers to share the transportation costs and benefit from shorter delivery times.

Who is LTL transportation for?

LTL freight is a type of truck transportation that often competes with courier services, which is perfect if you are shipping a single package or very small number of packages.

Are you wondering why you should use the services of a LTL freight company instead of a courier company? If either of the following two examples sound familiar, consider LTL transportation:

  • Your shipment exceeds the weight-to-volume ratio required for courier
  • Courier shipping costs are becoming too expensive

Many carriers specialize in LTL transportation in Quebec and Canada, such as Transport Econo Nord. This gives you a wide choice of service providers on the market and a chance to compete.

The art of LTL freight management

LTL freight management is complex. Transportation professionals have to optimize the loads according to the weight and volume of the goods in the trucks, while also taking into account the requested locations and delivery dates. A real balancing act!

What are the advantages of LTL freight?

Custom rates

LTL allows trucking companies to combine loads from multiple companies or individuals into one shipment. This method provides significant savings for customers as they only pay for the space they use.

To provide you with the best possible prices, companies generally take into account several pricing factors:

  • Distance
  • Weight and volume of the goods
  • The type of goods (perishable goods, dangerous products, etc.)
  • The additional services that you can request

The prices are therefore generally favourable since the LTL transportation costs (fuel surcharge, etc.) are shared by all customers.

Flexible delivery

LTL freight shipping allows for flexibility in your shipping and delivery dates. You can plan your pickup and delivery dates according to your availability.

Your carrier will often offer temporary warehousing of your goods before final shipment to the agreed upon destination.

This makes LTL transportation an ideal solution for small businesses to manage their “just-in-time” shipments.

A benefit to the planet

Much like carpooling, LTL transportation helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional transportation services. It limits the number of vehicles on the road and all the pollution that goes with it!

Ideal for small businesses

Small businesses may opt to use LTL shipping because they tend to ship fewer goods and spend less money on freight than larger companies.

Therefore, LTL shipping allows small businesses to benefit from all the services offered by professional shipping, without the high cost of space they don’t need.

Vehicles suited to your needs

If you have specific trucking needs, the LTL shipping company can pick up and deliver your goods with different vehicles:

  • Truck with liftgate (if you don’t have a loading dock or delivery area)
  • Refrigerated trucks for perishable goods
  • Heated trucks for frost protection (useful in Quebec winters)
  • Special trucks for residential deliveries

LTL freight, a service for all types of companies

LTL transportation offers flexibility and benefits to any type of business that needs to deliver goods.

To facilitate your inventory management and improve customer satisfaction, we recommend using an LTL transportation company that has a system for tracking and tracing its vehicles as well as its goods.

If you would like to know more about LTL transportation services, talk to our specialists now by calling 450-485-5187 or ask your questions via our contact form.