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Preparation of a partial load for LTL shipment

Preparation of a partial load for LTL shipment

Preparing goods for LTL shipment requires specific preparation, not only in the wrapping and packaging of the goods, but also in preparing the documentation.

Preparation of goods for LTL shipment

It is vital for your goods to be correctly prepared for LTL shipment and manipulation during all the shipment operations (loading, unloading), but also for them to be correctly identified.

You should know that in shipping, the sender is responsible for wrapping and identifying his products. He must supply good quality packaging, in line with local standards and adapted to the product it contains.

Identification of goods

Your goods must be correctly identified for LTL shipment with the following information:

  • Your address
  • The receiver’s address
  • An order or file reference (not mandatory but recommended)
  • Handling instructions when necessary

Labelling of your goods must correspond to your shipping document.

Goods on pallets

If your goods are on pallets (in a good condition of course), you must make sure they are solidly attached onto the latter and that they do not exceed the pallets. Goods are generally firmly wrapped up with film or straps to stay attached to the pallets.

For your LTL transports to the U.S.A.

If your pallets or your wooden packaging material (crates, etc.) were made in Canada or in the U.S.A., your shipping documents should indicate this clearly. If they were not made in these two countries, they should carry the NIMP15 certification mark. For more information see the Gouvernement Canada (Canadian government) website.

Goods without pallets

If the goods are bulky and cannot be put on pallets, the sender must also ensure that they are well protected for the LTL shipment and correctly identified.

Preparation of documents for your LTL shipment

The bill of lading

You will find a bill of lading model and the « Regulation respecting the requirements for bills of lading ».

Most LTL shipment suppliers generally have samples which may be downloaded on their site.

This document is very important: it is, on one hand, your contract for LTL shipment with the shipping company and, on the other hand, the document which will prove that the receiver has correctly received the goods. It will serve as proof of loading and delivery in case of damages or claim. It is therefore imperative for it to be correctly completed and signed by all parties (you, the transporter and the receiver).

Other documents which may be required for LTL transport

Your client may ask you for other documents (quality certificate, note of weight, etc.).

For your exports in LTL shipment to the U.S.A. you will also need to produce specific documentation (invoice, etc.) for customs purposes.

Preparation of LTL shipment of dangerous goods

For LTL shipment of dangerous goods, certain additional requirements are necessary:

  • Marking of specific packages according to current regulations (UN standards)
  • Security data sheet
  • Specific indication on the shipping document (shipping name, class of goods, NIP number, packing group, emergency telephone number)
  • Shipment report

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