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The benefits of home delivery

The benefits of home delivery

In the product-marketing sector, home delivery is a service that every seller must offer to customers today. First you must be aware of what you can do and what you cannot. If your job is to sell products, then shipping these products to the customer is not your expertise. In the same way a butcher is not going to knead bread, because it is neither his job or within his skills, you too are probably not going to venture yourself down this road. So, unless your company enables you to do it, you are going to have to sub-contract home delivery operations.

Whilst keeping in mind that home delivery is part of customer satisfaction, you are going to have to choose the ideal service provider who will guarantee your customers with timely home delivery with no damages.

Home delivery: an unavoidable service

According to a survey, 49.4% of people living in Quebec, that is to say almost half of the population, shopped online in 2014. But, whether it be for shopping online or at the shop itself, you must offer your customers a home delivery service and, if appropriate, possible retrieval at the shop.  It goes without saying that for large articles (furniture, etc.) this service is indispensable. For small packages, courier services will deliver your goods to their destination (Canadian postal service, UPS, etc.), but for larger volumes, you will have to use the home delivery services of LTL or  TL (full truck) shipping companies.

Planning your home deliveries with your shipping contractor: the benefits

I save money by sub-contracting my home deliveries

Indeed, you will not have to set up a costly home delivery service with personnel management, equipment and installations. Your shipping company already has the structure and particularly the expertise.

My contractor deals with my home deliveries: I can concentrate on my activity with my mind at rest

My shipping contractor provides me with skills and expertise for home delivery of my products. I can concentrate on my activity to develop my business while they deliver my goods to my customers on time and damage-free.

By sub-contracting my home deliveries to a shipping company, I offer my customers a 3-star service.

A shipping company not only has the infrastructure to manage small and large volumes of shipping, but also the expertise to do it in the best conditions: thus, small and large companies alike benefit from the same service quality. Your customers will be the first to benefit from an excellent home delivery service, whether you are a small or medium-size business or a multinational.

Customized services for your home deliveries

Certain shipping companies can offer you extra services in order to increase your customers’ satisfaction or to help you in the daily management of your deliveries.

  • Deliveries at certain times of the day (before midday, evening, etc.)
  • Delivery, unwrapping and installation
  • Delivery and recovery of used equipment
  • Stock management with storage of your goods before delivery

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