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Tips for efficient picking up of goods

Tips for efficient picking up of goods

The day has come. Your orders will have to be delivered to their destinations and you must mandate a shipper to handle picking up the goods and shipping your products and you are a little lost concerning how to go about this operation in the best possible way.

We are going to give you some tips which will help you in the process of providing information about picking up your goods because it is important that this be as clear as possible in order to avoid any problems.

Indicate the time and date of the pick-up

Drivers must imperatively receive complete and precise data so that they do not have to spend hours looking for the exact place where they must go to pick up the goods and thus be late in their rounds. So you must provide the following information:

  • Company or sender’s name
  • Detailed address of pick-up location (specify if there is a particular entrance, a code, etc.)
  • Name of a contact, telephone number (do not forget the extension number when appropriate)

It goes without saying that you must also indicate your instructions for delivery (address and particular requirements).

Specify if you have any demands concerning the pick-up

This may be:

  • A particular timeframe;
  • A compulsory telephone appointment for the pick-up of goods by the driver (for example: call two hours before to confirm the pick-up time);
  • If specific equipment is required: for example if you do not have a loading zone and if the vehicle must have an elevator or if your goods require a heated truck because they cannot withstand freezing temperatures);
  • If the driver must indicate a pick-up or order number;
  • If the driver must provide help in loading;
  • If the driver needs an authorisation or a specific permit to enter the site. 

Specify the details of merchandise for the pick-up 

You should inform the shipper of the details of the goods that they must pick up so that the latter disposes of enough space to load the goods in their vehicle:

  • Description of goods and their specifics (fresh produce, dangerous goods, etc.);
  • If it is LTL transport: in this case, you must indicate the number of packages or pallets, their weight and size;
  • If it is TL transport: indicate the net weight of your goods, the number of packages or pallets;
  • If you want  transport insurances;
  • If it is for shipping to the USA, indicate your customs broker.

Specify the follow-up that you would like for your pick-up

It is very important, in order to avoid any subsequent useless discussion to specify to your transport company what you expect from them concerning feedback after the goods have been picked up.

  • If you want to receive confirmation of the pick-up and delivery by email or fax;
  • If you want to receive the delivery note by email or fax;
  • If you want to receive the delivery note with the recipient’s signature;
  • Your instructions for invoicing and what reference numbers to indicate.

Everything must be ready at pick-up time

You must also make sure that all the paperwork is ready at the time the goods must be picked up because, in most cases, there is a limited time allotted for loading. If this timeframe is exceeded, your shipper will invoice you the extra time. That is why you must always, when you receive your shipping quote, check the time allotment for loading or the picking up your goods to be able to anticipate any delay during pick-up.