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Frequently asked questions about road shipping

Frequently asked questions about road shipping

You will have understood through the articles which we publish that road shipping is a vast and complex sector. That is why we recommend that you work with a road shipping company which has the expertise to help you in your task of delivering your goods safely.

It is impossible to sum up everything in one article but we will try, nevertheless, to answer some of the recurring questions about road shipping.

What documents are required to ship goods over the border?

If your goods have to cross the border, you should provide sufficient documentation otherwise your goods may be blocked. We have already advised you as to how to prepare and here is the list of essential documents:

  • An invoice
  • A certificate of origin (ALENA) if the origin of your goods justifies it

Of course, these documents must indicate all the necessary information.

What to do if you do not have a customs’ broker for shipping your goods?

Once again, your shipping company is your partner. They will be able to provide this service or put you in contact with a broker who they are used to working with.

You may also find one on the Canadian Government website list of certified customs’ brokers.

Do operations at the border affect the delivery timeframes for road shipping?

If the shipping company respects the rules and they have all the necessary documentation, there is no reason for the delivery to be delayed. Of course, from time to time, customs officers decide to inspect the truck and the goods that are inside. In that case, a 24 hour delay should be expected, if all goes well.

For road shipping, are there different restrictions in the weight of goods between the USA and Canada?

Indeed, the maximum weight authorized is different between the USA and Canada. To be more precise it may actually vary from one state to another! Generally, we notice that the authorized weight limit for road shipping is lower in the USA than in Canada. That is why you must provide the shipping company with the total weight of your goods including the packaging and the pallets. You must know that the authorized weight includes not only the weight of your goods, but also that of the truck and its equipment.

Vehicles are scrupulously checked and any offender must be prepared to pay heavy fines and to have the vehicle immobilized.

When your goods are heavier than the authorized weight for road shipping, your transporter can provide you with a special vehicle which can ship a larger load (triple axel).

If you have any other questions on road shipping: we can help you!

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