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LTL Shipping to Save Money


LTL Shipping to Save Money

Let’s talk a little about LTL shipping. We discovered what it was in a previous article. Let’s see now how LTL shipping can help you save money and, because we are kind, we are going to tell you how.

First of all, we should specify that these options are only valid if you have established a good partnership will your LTL shipping company. It is clear that for occasional shipping you are less likely to be able to negotiate than if you are dealing with large volumes.

Rationalize your LTL shipping services

For example, ask yourself the question: do my customers really want a delivery at a specific time or could you indicate a delivery timeframe? When you consider that everything in life costs something, if you ask your LTL shipping company for strict conditions, you will obviously have to pay the price.

Work with your LTL shipping company in order to have customized prices

If you are frequently sending merchandise to certain destinations, you will have more negotiating power with your shipping company. Indeed, the greater the volume of goods being shipped, the easier it will be to have a better price. This will also enable you to be aware of your annual transport costs to these destinations without having to make a request. You will become more efficient!

Establish a trustworthy relationship with your LTL shipping company

It’s the same for our personal relationships, when you know that the relationship is frank and honest and that neither party will abandon the ship at the first siren call, then we can work in full trust. If your shipping company knows that you will not go elsewhere for your LTL shipping, he will provide the best possible service for the loyal customer that you are. However you will have to be aware of market prices, because, we are not going to lie, some companies do take advantage. Remember that when you are evaluating a shipping company, you must not limit yourself to the price that they give you, but also take into account the quality of service that you are demanding in return.

Describe the details of your goods as precisely as possible in your requests for LTL shipping

Giving your LTL shipping company as much information as possible about your shipment (weight, volume, number of pallets, etc.) is the best way to get the most precise quote. Increasing the volume of your pallets or their weight in order to put more goods in, is not necessarily the best solution. Indeed, over dimensioned shipments are more highly taxed, because your shipping company sends its LTL shipping quote in relation to the weight/volume ratio of your goods. You should therefore think carefully about the packaging of your goods on pallets: sometimes sending two small pallets rather than one big one is more cost-efficient.

Also indicate to your transporter if your pallets can be placed on top of each other, or if other goods can be piled on top: this will also reduce your shipping costs.

Make sure then that you prepare your LTL shipments carefully in order to avoid any extra costs.

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