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Why should you use an external company to store your goods?

Why should you use an external company to store your goods?

Profitability in business is not a choice, it is a necessity. Transporting goods and storing them are areas which enable companies to increase their profitability by optimizing the flow of their merchandise. By outsourcing this part of their activity to an external company, they can be sure of having specific expertize without having to bear the cost of the facilities.

Because storage is a profession!

Yes, just like you cannot improvise flying a plane, you cannot improvise being a storage specialist! It requires a lot of expertize, tools and a specific structure. Not only do you need qualified staff, but also warehouses, which respect regulations and can house all types of goods or at least your own.

You only have to establish your specifications (type of merchandise, packaging, rotation schedule, etc) and your partner company will offer a solution adapted to your needs.

Because storing externally will bring savings to your company!

The company takes care of all the aspects of storage: you only pay for what you need! They will bear the costs (warehouses, equipment and labor) in order to provide you a customized service.

Because storage companies enable you to monitor your stock in real time

Companies specialized in storage of goods work with stock management software which can identify and monitor all of your product movements. You can have all sorts of statistics which will enable you to optimize your production or your purchases: for example, knowing how long a range of articles remained in stock and their rotation period, you will be able to improve planning of your activity.

Because there is a storage solution for you

All companies do not have the same needs regarding storage. This is the case for the surface required and for monthly operations (entry-exit) but not just this. Indeed, it may be:

  • Short, medium or long-term storage.
  • Storage for a range of specific products (dangerous products, food, loose products, etc.).
  • Indoor or outdoor storage
  • Floor or shelf storage (on pallets, etc.)

You can also determine your type of stock management with the company:

  • FIFO or first in, first out: method used particularly for perishable goods or products with an expiry date.
  • FEFO first to expire, first out
  • LIFO last in, first out

Storage companies can also propose other services like:

  • Packaging, labelling and packing your products on pallets
  • Shipping of your goods in a full load truck or LTL
  • Inventory operations
  • Security stock management with alerts and procurement.

Because with external storage everyone benefits!

You will have understood that it is highly desirable to outsource your storage operations. Without financial investment, other than the cost of the service, you will have a four-star service and a partner who will be able to propose made to measure solutions, whether your needs are permanent or seasonal. Certain fees may appear excessive but if you calculate what it would cost to invest (warehouse, staff, etc.) for an equivalent service, you will soon be convinced that it is not the most profitable solution for you! Outsourcing your storage is, by far, the cheapest solution (depending, of course, on the size and structure of your business).

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