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Heavyweight vehicle mechanics: The mechanic trade


Heavyweight vehicle mechanics: The mechanic trade

In the Highway transportation business, heavyweight vehicle mechanics are key factors in ensuring the reliability and quality of transportation services.

Indeed, heavyweight vehicles play a key role in the transportation of good, and as such we need to train heavyweight vehicle mechanics so that the mechanical operations function perfectly when vehicles are en route. Discover the basics of the heavyweight vehicle mechanic trade and what the heavyweight mechanic trade consists of.

The heavyweight vehicle mechanic trade

The mechanic is responsible for the verification, maintenance, repair and replacement of defective parts of all heavyweight vehicles. They must also ensure that all transport company vehicles are operational so that all deliveries are carries out on time.

Today, technology plays an important role in the field of heavyweight vehicle mechanics. The mechanic must familiarize themselves with all electronic aspects of each vehicle, from the tire system to mechanical of basic welding. These skills in complex systems are of course a part of the total skill set that the mechanic must master.

Heavyweight vehicle mechanic: What training must follow?

Classic training to become a heavyweight vehicle mechanic consists of a DEP (Diploma of vocational studies) in heavyweight vehicle mechanics.

To start this training you must already be 20 years old, while having obtained the Secondary 3 credits in language of instruction, second language and mathematics if you want a diploma.

The other option for getting a DEP in heavyweight vehicle mechanics be older than 18 years old and to pass a development test if you want a diploma. You must also participate in the student for a day programme. To complete the training, you’ll have to go to t heavyweight mechanics training centre. The training centre in Levis, QC offers comprehensive training for more than 150 students each year. The placement rate at the end is very close to 100%.

At the end of your studies, there are internship possibilities for the bet start in the labour market.

Heavyweight vehicle mechanic: What qualities are needed

A curious and patient personality mixed with having a good memory and manual dexterity are all important attributes r success in the mechanic profession.

The ability to work on towering parts requires having an interest in auto mechanics as well as good physical strength – especially for working in difficult environments.

The mechanic has a vital role in the proper function of heavyweight vehicles. The goal is to of course protect the life of the truck driver as well as the lives of other road users, especial in the case of hazardous material transportation.

Heavyweight mechanic: A future trade

The heavyweight industry is in constant demand for labour. The sector is in strong need of technicians who have the know-how on advances technology for heavyweight vehicles. Today, it is impossible to claim the position of heavyweight vehicle mechanic without mastering all the curtail vehicle technology.

Heavyweight vehicle mechanics is a very technical business, where individuals with the proper expertise, training and experience can evolve rapidly and with determination in the trade.

As you will learn, the business of heavyweight vehicle mechanics is critical for transportation companies as mechanics guarantee the success of LTL and TL deliveries.