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Swim The World: Transport Écono Nord’s support for the project


Swim The World: Transport Écono Nord’s support for the project

You have most certainly heard of the O5 project Swim the World, the athletic and human project that comes from the idea of a single man: Normand Piché, who is quite passionate about swimming.

Normand embarked on the idea of joining five of the world’s continents together by swimming between them; building bridges between countries and people in the process. Our company, Transport Écono Nord, has chosen to partner with this adventurous and dream-filled project.

A crazy project: connecting the five continents by swimming!

An Excellent swimmer impressed by the performance of athletes at the Olympic games in Sochi, Normand Piché decided to undertake this athletic feat around the world. He prepared his expedition from a revelation, surrounded by a team of sports enthusiasts traveling around the world, to share his vision of adventure with the whole world.

Connecting five continents by swimming is no simple task and it has led him to train intensely in order to overcome the natural obstacles he may encounter such as: extreme temperatures, raging waters, and marine animals that may lash out at him. He has chosen a five-step course ranging from two to eight hours in different harsh and unforgiving locations such as the Bering Strait and the Red Sea.

His expedition has attracted significant attention from worldwide media and he is already preparing his return to Montreal. He is dedicated to telling his story at different conferences across Quebec. On the expedition’s website, you can find the timeline of his physical and logistical preparation and the results of his swimming training.

Normand also recounts the difficulties in organizing a trip to areas affected by political conflict. He has scheduled a sixth highly symbolic swimming trip to Geneva to approach the United Nations and impart his message of peace and humanity.

Transport Écono Nord supports the O5 project Swim the World

Driven by his passion for athletics and impressed by the otherworldliness exhibited by Normand Piché to realize his dream, we decided that Transport Écono Nord would be proud to support the swimmer’s project.

Our company is an official part of the financial support team for the project, which falls perfectly in line with our company values: promoting physical activity as well as giving proof that in life it is possible to achieve our wildest dreams. Such a project goes further than a simple swimming challenge!

Our humble, human-scaled company believes in everybody’s ability to do great things starting with just a little aspiration, like Normand Piché has shown us. We are especially proud as Canadians to support the project that is led by a native of Quebec, who is ready to travel around the world in extreme conditions to realize his dreams.

If this project has interested you as much as it has us, you can follow the adventurer’s story on the O5 project Swim the World website, where Normand Piché regularly posts magnificent videos of his journey.

At Transport Écono Nord and O5 Swim the World, we can exceed our limitations and realize all our dreams…