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The different types of roadway transportation: How to make sure your cargo arrives safely?


The different types of roadway transportation: How to make sure your cargo arrives safely?

Freight transportation methods are numerous for different companies: among them is roadway transportation which offers a wide variety of transportation possibilities depending on your cargo, your required time-frame, and your budget… Discover the different types of roadway transportation as they correspond to your business!

Different delivery requirements call for different types of roadway transportation

Depending on your destination, the type of roadway transportation may differ from one company to another. First of all, some transportation of cargo requires crossing country borders, in which case it is important to look at the regulations concerning the transport of cargo under international trade laws.

Also, if the cargo has to travel across areas that are not accessible via roadway during the transport route, roadway transport may be combined with other methods of transportation (with ferries, railways etc.) and may need to depend altogether on another means of transport which can include all other roadway vehicles, whether or not accompanied by the driver.

Freight transport may also, depending on your budget and the competencies of different companies, be carried out on behalf of others (a qualified transport company working on behalf of a company wishing to transport goods from point A to point B), or on the behalf of the transport company itself, thanks to internal resources within the company. It can be very interesting for a company to call upon freight transportation services, which do cost money, but give you access to skills and equipment that are often much more expensive.

A type of roadway transportation for each type of cargo

The most important factor to consider when selecting the transportation method that best suits your business is the kind of cargo you need to ship. Indeed, the nature, size, weight, and shape will determine the type of roadway transportation that will be best suited to your needs.

First of all, the size of your cargo may cause it to be categorized as special cargo that must be transported on specific routes or at least in a mode of transport that is designated for carrying special merchandise. This is the case for cargo with dimensions or weight exceeding the traditional capacity of a truck for example.

The type of roadway transportation also depends on the form of the cargo, whether liquid, dry, in the form of gas, packaging condition (example: already packaged) or, on the contrary, in bulk (unpackaged cargo). The choice of transportation mode may also be different for dangerous cargo; these influence the type of roadway transportation chosen and the local and international regulations to which the cargo may be subjected.

Finally, some companies, such as the team at Transport Écono Nord, offer deliveries for cargo in reduced quantities, which cannot fill an entire truck: LTL delivery. This type of roadway transportation is a partial load solution, which allows companies to reduce their transportation costs by managing cargo from different companies, the delivery of which is optimized by the roadway transportation company.

Properly choosing the type of roadway transportation for your cargo is crucial for optimizing costs, delays and getting the best method of delivery. To do this, learn more about how to manage your cargo and get in touch with a company like Transport Écono Nord!