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What are the different types of road transport?

Différents types de transport routier

What are the different types of road transport?

There are many ways for companies to transport goods. These include road transportation, which offers a wide variety of shipping options, depending on the goods being transported, the time frame required and the available budget.

In this article, discover the type of road transport that best suits your business and your needs.

Types of road transport based on destination

Depending on the delivery destination, the type of road transport may differ from one company to another. The delivery vehicle can also be different depending on the goods and the location of the delivery. For example, if there are height restrictions on the route, the delivery will probably be made by a van.

Cross-border road transport

To begin with, some shipments of goods require crossing borders, such as when transporting goods between Canada and the United States. In these cases, it is important to consider the regulations governing the transportation of goods, in accordance with trade laws.

If the goods have to pass through areas that are not accessible to road vehicles during transportation, then multimodal transport will be necessary. This means that the transported goods will transit from one type of road vehicle to a sea or air vehicle, or both combined.

Long haul road transport

Even if deliveries are made between different countries, most of the trucks on the road deliver to a recipient located in the same country as the shipper. We could take the example of LTL transport between Quebec and Ontario.

The vast majority of trucks used in these road transports are heavy trucks. However, depending on the merchandise being transported, the trucks may or may not be authorized to drive on the roads.

If you are planning to transport explosives, you will need to hire a transport company that is certified and authorized for this type of road transport.

Short haul road transport

After long haul road transport comes short haul road transport. As the name suggests, these are deliveries that take place within the same city or at most within the same region.

Given the distance that must be covered, two main types of trucks are used. These include vans and minivans. These vehicles can be used for any type of road transport, since their size allows them to circulate on city roads.

This type of vehicle is becoming more and more common to meet the ever-increasing demand for home deliveries of goods.

Types of road transport based on cargo

Besides the vehicle, the most important factor to consider when choosing the most suitable transport for your activity is the type of cargo to be transported. The type, size, weight and shape of the cargo will determine the type of road transport that will best suit your needs.

Transportation based on cargo size

First and foremost, your cargo might be considered oversized goods, requiring transportation on specific routes or at the very least in a suitable vehicle that is marked as carrying oversized goods.

This is particularly true for goods with dimensions or weight exceeding the traditional capacity of a container, for example.

Transportation based on cargo type

The type of road transport also depends on the type of goods. Different vehicles will be used if the goods are liquid, dry, gaseous, packaged (already packed) or in bulk (unpackaged and unidentifiable).

The mode of transport can also be different for dangerous goods, which influence the type of road transport chosen as well as the local and international regulations the goods may be subject to.

Finally, some companies, such as Transport Econo Nord, offer deliveries designed for small quantities of goods that cannot fill a full truck. This is referred to as LTL shipping.

This type of road transport is a partial load solution, which enables companies to reduce their transport costs by combining the cargo of different companies.

Choose the right type of road transport every time

Choosing the right type of road transport for your goods is crucial for optimizing costs and delivery times while also using the best delivery method.

If you want to outsource your company’s road transportation, you can contact the professionals at Transports Econo Nord. We will be happy to safely deliver your goods throughout Canada and beyond.