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Truck transportation: the advantages of such a service


Truck transportation: the advantages of such a service

Truck transportation is still the most widely used mode of freight transport in North America. Although maritime or railway transportation may be a useful solution for large freight volumes over long distances, everyone agrees that truck transportation will remain the predominant mode of cargo transportation for many years to come.

Here is a small overview of the various truck transportation benefits in order to help you understand more clearly everything regarding your needs for transportation.

Truck transportation: a reliable solution for short and direct routes

Although they do cause more pollution when compared to other methods of transportation, truck transportation remains the most appropriate solution for short-distance and direct routes. The loading and unloading of goods/cargo is much more easily undertaken when compared to maritime or railway transportation; this minimizes handling time and lets your goods reach you sooner. Since truck transportation effectively remains the most direct solution for the transport of your goods and cargo, it is also one of the fastest solutions. In other words, cargo is moved directly from point A to point B without requiring any change in transportation methods, as can be the case with other methods.

In addition, vehicles can easily drive on all roads, regardless of weather conditions or seasonal changes. In a region like Quebec, especially in regards to snowfall, this is a very appealing benefit.

Last but certainty not least: this type of transportation is generally much more reliable in terms of unforeseen delays. Indeed, road vehicles have more facilities to manage the imposed transportation schedules. This allows them to better respect the time and location schedule specified in the shipping contract.

Versatility in terms of roadway transport via trucks

Truck transportation offers greater versatility since there are many roadway transportation solutions. There is bulk transport, TL transport, LTL transport, and courier services. All these solutions let roadway transportation via truck offer a wider range of services, ones that are adapted to any and all needs.

Flexibility: the major advantage of truck transportation

As you can see, transportation via heavyweight vehicles such as trucks has a considerable advantage in comparison to other means of transportation: flexibility. Whether it is due to versatility, thanks in particular to the ways in which loading/unloading is carried out; or due to the ability to adapt to roadway conditions (such as weather conditions and traffic), truck transportation will definitely satisfy all your transportation needs. This has never been more true, as truck transportation increasingly uses technological benefits and enhancements, which make these companies even more efficient when transporting your cargo. This technology has given these companies undeniable logistical advances, notably in terms of communication and organization.

The last advantage of roadway truck transportation is that you are put in direct contact with road transport experts and transporters who will be able to advise you and help you in your decision-making process as it relates to roadway transportation.

For our expert advice, do not hesitate to contact us and receive the help of our specialists for all your transport needs.