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Express shipping: seek out delivery companies near you


Express shipping: seek out delivery companies near you

Finding a delivery company that will meet your needs is no easy feat, especially when you need express shipping. This type of delivery involves specific service requirements. To best address your needs, we advise you to seek the business of a delivery company close to you!

Express shipping: what are the requirements of a transport company

With the improvement of transport and delivery technology, transportation delays have drastically been reduced in recent years: skills and means of transport have evolved and deliveries are completed much faster than ever before. The demands of customers – be they business or private – have also proportionally increased and shipping companies have had to adapt to this increased demand by offering faster and faster deliveries.

This is how express shipping was created. This term refers to deliveries purchased for next day delivery, taking roughly 2-3 days (from the date of delivery purchase to the final delivery at a pre-determined location). With such a high demand for shipping, companies must adapt their delivery services to be as efficient as possible. If your company needs a subcontractor to be capable of providing delivery services, you should learn more about their skills and abilities.

The shipping company you are looking for must therefore be able to carry out the various stages of express shipping as quickly as possible, including: the collection of products (in the form of raw products or parcels in the case of a B to C delivery, the grouping at the sorting center (where the products will be routed from), the sorting for arrival at various destinations as well as final delivery. These steps are all made more complex if you have several deliveries to be made at different locations, as is the case for at home deliveries.

Need express shipping? Benefit from services near you

For all freight shipping needs, choosing a company close to you has certain advantages. But here are some reasons why it is all the more important in the case of express shipping:

Reduced collection time

The first step of freight shipping is to transmit the products in question to the delivery company. The processing time of this stage is obviously shortened if the two companies are physically close: which is good as time is of the essence when talking about express shipping!

A better knowledge of the shipping business

In the shipping field, a good knowledge of the business in which your delivery company works is very important, and it can save you precious travel time. It can also be favourable for a company to be knowledgeable in the legal framework of freight transportation, as regulations are different between different regions. This is especially useful in an area as close to the border as Quebec!

Facilitated collaboration

Although the majority of shipping companies allow remote collaboration through online services, it is always beneficial to be able to physically meet with a subcontractor. Do not hesitate to ask for a visit to the premises of your shipping company, in order to meet their employees and, for example, view their transportation tools.

Using a close-to-home delivery company can shorten the processing time of an express delivery request and thus reduce delivery times: yielding customers satisfied with your ‘faster than lightning’ delivery!

So, for the Greater Montreal region, Transport Econo Nord can be the partner of choice for all your delivery needs! Do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals and benefit from an express service for all your deliveries.