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Quebec roadway transportation: a portrait of the industry


Quebec roadway transportation: a portrait of the industry

The transportation industry includes trucking, courier and freight transport companies. It also includes passenger transportation as well as companies providing support to transportation companies.

Overall, the industry is a highly developed sector throughout Canada and especially in Quebec where many companies frequently use roadway transportation. Discover the importance of this industry in Quebec’s economy as well as prospects for the future of Quebec roadway transportation

Why is roadway transportation so important in Quebec?

Roadway transportation is the most widely used mode of transportation throughout the province of Quebec, whether it be for the transportation of goods or the transportation of passengers. It therefore contributes to the competitiveness of Québec’s economy and the quality of life for all Quebeckers. Here are some impressive figures that support this observation:

In 2013 and in Quebec alone, roadway transportation generated more than $ 10.8 billion worth in revenue. More than 45,000 companies and 300,000 people work in the sector. Moreover, roadway transportation is the second largest economic sector in the province, behind retail trade.

Specifically, the trucking industry, the largest subsector in the transportation industry, accounts for more than 90% of freight transportation in Canada. In 2011, the trucking industry accounted for $3.1 billion of revenue in the province of Quebec alone.

Industry professions: what are the working conditions?

From logistics to mechanic professions, careers in the road transport industry are numerous and varied. In 2014, the trucking sector alone employed more than 40,000 people and nearly 10,000 people worked in supporting roadway transport.

However, working conditions in the sector are sometimes difficult. This is particularly the case for truckers. Fewer collective agreements, and long work hours: this deterioration of working conditions can even result in employee shortages. Innovations in the sector and future government measures are likely to improve the roadway transportation careers in Quebec.

The trucking industry in Quebec: what are the changes?

Like many other economic sectors, roadway transportation needs learn to use technological innovations wisely. The benefits of technology for transportation services are quite numerous: computer software for logistics, communication systems for truckers and transportation systems for mechanics. Technology greatly improves the working conditions of many professions in the roadway transportation sector.

Of course, changes in roadway transportation in Quebec are not limited to technology. The environment is one of the main challenges for the future of the transport industry in the world. Solutions for generating less pollution are beginning to be applied to many transport companies.

It should be noted that the roadway transportation industry in Quebec is following the general trends found all across North America: considerably transforming and improving working conditions as well as technology used and the environmental impact of vehicles.

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