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What damages are covered by road transport insurance?


What damages are covered by road transport insurance?

When transporting merchandise by truck, it is important to get shipping insurance. Nevertheless, do you know what you are entitled to? What damages are covered by road transport insurance? Or what damages are not taken into account?

In order to help you to simplify your efforts as much as possible and give you the best understanding on the subject, we have listed the different coverages possible for transport by truck, as well as the limits for each.

Road transport insurance coverage at truck departure

Transport insurance minimally covers damage to property or loss of material once a truck departs.

Usually, the carrier is obliged to reimburse the damages suffered by the cargo to a pre-determined amount, except in specific cases which we will see below.

The transport company may also be held liable if there is a delay in delivery. The company is obliged to reimburse losses in the event that the material is not delivered within the agreed-upon period defined in the contract. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain factors that can cause delays on the road.

Limits of responsibility

Transport companies have responsibilities from the moment merchandise arrives in their facilities.

That said, there are still limits. Transport carriers will not be required to reimburse the customer for elements that are beyond their control.

Usually, the delivery company will not be considered responsible for damages or losses of the goods in the case of:

  • Force majeure (unavoidable circumstance);
  • Natural disasters;
  • Public enemy;
  • Shipper negligence, eg inadequate packaging;
  • Defects originating from the goods as such.


To keep in mind

Road transport insurance covers the vast majority of the damages that can occur during the transport of your merchandise by truck.

However, in order to avoid future difficulties, customers are advised to fill out the bill of lading and proof of insurance at all times. This will allow the shipper to have all the information necessary to properly fill out a declaration form in case of damages or losses.

It is also advisable to always inquire about the current insurance policy when dealing with a transport company.

In general, compensation will be equal to the value of the merchandise that has been noted in the bill of lading. On the other hand, the transport carrier may request a revaluation of this amount if he considers it inadequate in relation to the damaged or lost goods.

Our company has insurance to give customers confidence in knowing that their merchandise will always be well protected and they can rest easy knowing it is in good hands.

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