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Road Merchandise Transport: Choosing a Tanker Truck


Road Merchandise Transport: Choosing a Tanker Truck

The size, weight and nature of a shipment are all factors in determining the choice of shipping method. A company must therefore take into account the type of merchandise it wishes to ship. This will allow them to contact a company that offers the services that correspond to their needs.

The flexibility of merchandise transport by truck creates an abundance of possibilities for your next deliveries. There are multiple trailer sizes for just as many types of goods. Learn more about one type of trailer voyaging on our roads: the tanker truck.

The tanker truck: flexibility on the road!

Because of their nature and their volatile format, some cargoes require the use of specialized trucks. This is particularly the case for liquid or gaseous goods which require the use of tanker trucks specially designed for their transport. The tanker truck is distinguished from other vehicles by its stainless-steel tanks which are available in several types.

Some can be pressurized or refrigerated, while others are divided into several compartments or are acid resistant. Everything depends on the cargo to be shipped.

Tanker trucks are also used to ship bulk goods. Food products related to the agricultural industry such as grains and cereals also require the use of a specialized tanker truck, as well as certain goods related to the construction industry.

Regulations Concerning Goods Shipped by Tanker

In the case of truck transport, certain types of goods are subject to specific obligations and rules. Whether it is for shipping fuel, biomedical waste, or dairy products, there are regional and international regulations to which carriers are subject and which influence the type of truck used.

Since a large number of regulated goods are in liquid or gaseous form, it is important to choose a carrier with the necessary permits and certifications for its tanker vehicles. Make sure, before committing to a company, that verifications are made to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Other conditions also affect the shipment of hazardous materials which can be transported by tanker. Companies such as Transport Écono Nord specialize in the movement of dangerous materials. They offer their customers a fleet of trucks with certifications and permits that comply with the applicable regulations. In addition, their teams are trained in compliance with the regulations, which allows them to handle these materials in a safe environment.


Heavy goods transport is certainly the most versatile method of shipping goods. Indeed, it allows the delivery of an infinite of type of goods and can be adapted to all conditions. The tanker truck is one of the most adaptable to your type of merchandise and ensures secure shipping of your cargo.

If you are looking for a service provider to move and deliver your goods, please contact our experts to discuss your needs. They will guide you towards a solution tailored to your requirements.