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LTL transport driver guidelines


LTL transport driver guidelines

In recent years, the growth of online purchases has led to the expansion of LTL (Limited Truckload) partial load transport, also known as small batch. For this reason, the transport sector is constantly looking for drivers to meet the high demand. It is a stimulating job, although not suitable for all individuals.

If this profession interests you, we recommend learning about the skills and requirements needed to get hired. Do you have what it takes to become an LTL transport driver?

LTL transport driver profile

It is unrealistic to think you can become a transport driver overnight. In reality, it takes a series of steps to obtain the required certification. Moreover, heavy vehicle drivers must have several qualities to excel in the field.

Training and license

Getting behind the wheel of a heavy truck is no simple task. Truck driving requires much more vigilance, skill and ability when compared to a normal car. You are responsible for guaranteeing the safety of yourself, other motorists and your cargo. As such, training is necessary to acquire all the skills required to become a truck transport driver. To this end, a vocational studies diploma can be acquired from an appropriate centre or private training can be given. You will also need to be licensed to operate a Class 1 heavy vehicle. Certain positions also require a Class 3 license.

The LTL transport driver must, of course, be familiar and comply with the Highway Safety Code as well as the guide on laws concerning heavy vehicle drivers.

Mental and physical competencies

The job also requires certain mental and physical requirements, as simply knowing how to drive is insufficient. Truckers must have good vision day and night, be in excellent physical condition since they need to be able to handle heavy loads and work for long hours. Having a good sense of direction and geographical knowledge is a significant asset. You will also need to master the fundamentals of mechanics in order to make it through unexpected situations.

Of course, truck drivers must also be gifted communicators and need to speak both French and English to communicate and be understood properly throughout the country and in the United States during cross-border shipments.

LTL transport driver responsibilities

The daily life of a truck driver includes many responsibilities. Often considered a lonely profession, truck driving nonetheless necessitates frequent contact with customers. Moreover, customer satisfaction is closely related to the truck driver’s quality of service. This is why it is necessary to comply with several obligations during deliveries. Road transport drivers need to do their best to arrive on time and be sure to warn their company and the recipients when they encounter delays.

Goods must be handled with care and properly secured in the trailer under safe conditions. From a technical point of view, the driver must know their vehicle in-and-out, ensure its proper maintenance and systematically inspect the truck before departure.

Do you fit the profile of an LTL delivery driver?

If you check all the above boxes, you most certainly have the right profile to apply for the job. LTL transport driving offers numerous benefits. In addition to great compensation, the sense of freedom one gets from long road trips and taking in diverse landscapes across the country are good arguments in favor of the profession.

If you would like to join the Transport Econo Nord team or want to use our LTL transport services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our advisors will be happy to answer you.