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3 things to know when considering a career in road transport


3 things to know when considering a career in road transport

The trucking industry is currently facing a significant labor shortage. Across the continent, companies in the sector are scrambling to hire competent drivers. Numerous incentives are rolled out by many transport companies, encouraging some to consider a career in the sector.

However, the truck driving profession isn’t always a pleasurable experience. This is why it’s important to learn about the ins and outs of the profession before making a career shift into the industry.

Here are 3 things to know if you are considering a career in road transport.

Being a trucker requires great stress resistance

Stress is an integral part of a trucker’s job. Various situations such as being trapped in heavy traffic, having to take long detours to bypass construction sites or performing a tricky maneuver can create stress even for an experienced driver.

The fact remains that time is a rare and precious commodity in the truck transport industry. Customers are generally insensitive to the constraints drivers must face. Cargo must arrive at its destination on time, regardless of the circumstances.

One of the first things you need to do if you want to pursue a career in transportation is learn how to handle stress and control it.

Good communication is an essential part of road transport

Contrary to popular belief, truckers are far from alone when on the road, even in remote areas. They have to deal with people at different levels throughout their journey.

For example, they need to communicate with their dispatcher to express their needs and successfully deliver their full or partial load in a timely manner.

Drivers should also be able to communicate with clients so they don’t have to wait several minutes at the unloading dock. The pay often doesn’t take this waiting time into account, so it is better to be able to unload the cargo as quickly as possible rather than be ignored by the shipper or the recipient.

Balancing work and family is no easy task for people with a career in road transport

The lifestyle required by a career in road transport often makes work-life balance complicated.

In general, truckers are on the road more often than at home, putting a lot of pressure on their spouses. Their significant others are left to manage the house and perform countless other tasks such as caring for children, paying bills, doing all the work, mowing the lawn, and so on.

There is a significant loss of emotional and moral support. Unfortunately, it’s not something that can phone calls can make up for. In short, relationships can be heavily affected by distance.

Trucking: a profession much more difficult than it seems

In light of this information, you are no doubt more aware of some of the challenges that truckers face every day.

At Transport Econonord, we are proud to offer working conditions that promote the well-being of our drivers and their loved ones. This ensures that our staff is prepared to provide exceptional service to all our clients.

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