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Truckers: What types of roadside inspection can a truck inspection agent submit you to?


Truckers: What types of roadside inspection can a truck inspection agent submit you to?

Whether during special operations or on an intermittent basis, truck drivers may be subject to roadside inspections by a truck inspection agent. In Quebec, these inspections can take a number of different forms with distinctive elements being targeted.

Truckers, discover what types of inspections a truck inspection agent can submit you to.

Full inspection of the vehicle and the driver’s record

This type of inspection, also known as Level 1 inspection, consists of a complete check of the truck and its driver’s record. Numerous items are checked in-depth during this roadside inspection, which requires the presence of two truck inspection agents.

The inspectors will check, among other things, whether the driver is wearing a seat belt, if his driver’s license is valid, if the documents concerning the routine checks are properly filled out and if the bill of lading is accurate.

Next, the truckload will be checked. Inspection agents will therefore determine the weight and dimensions of the material being transported and the securing of the trailer. Moreover, during the thaw period, the weight of cargo is a particularly important issue. Simply put, this is the most comprehensive inspection a driver can be subjected to.

Inspection of the driver’s record and partial verification of the vehicle

Of all the types of compliance inspection that drivers may be subject to, this is undoubtedly the most common. In essence, after reviewing the driver’s record, the truck inspection agent will do a cursory check of the vehicle.

It should be noted, however, that if the inspection agent identifies safety flaws or defects, he or she may find it necessary to conduct a Level 1 inspection.

Driver record inspection only

During this type of procedure that lasts approximately 20 minutes, inspection agents will simply carry out a verification of the driver’s record. They will check the driver’s license, the vehicle registration, the driving and rest hours and the routine check documents.

Vehicle-specific component inspection

As the name implies, this type of inspection targets a specific component of the truck. For example, it could be lighting, tires, brakes, etc. This type of inspection generally aims to educate truckers on specific road safety issues by highlighting specific rules regarding the mechanical components of transportation vehicles.

Full vehicle inspection only

This inspection only concerns the mechanical aspect of the truck. It does not concern the truck driver. It may be performed during a quality control at a Société agent, at a company registered in the PMP (preventative maintenance program) or after a road accident or an investigation that requires more information about a vehicle’s condition.

Transport Econo Nord: committed to complying with standards

The roadside inspections carried out on trucks and their drivers are aimed at achieving high standards of quality and consistency in the services offered by transportation companies, in addition to ensuring the safety of others on the Québec highway system.

At Transport Econo Nord, it has always been our policy to take these aspects very seriously. That’s why we’re proud to have a vehicle fleet that is properly maintained and constantly updated to meet the highest standards in the industry.

If you want to do business with a transportation company that goes beyond the standards and requirements, contact us today!