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The trucking industry: an important economic lever in Quebec


The trucking industry: an important economic lever in Quebec

In 2011, the trucking industry already accounted for $3.1 billion in the gross domestic product of the Quebec economy. It is obvious that the more goods there are in circulation, the more work there is for truckers. Today, road transportation contributes positively to the province due to the economic and social impact of its activities.

Find out why the trucking industry is an economic lever in Quebec.

A rising economy

The increase in trade in Quebec regions as well as between the NAFTA countries (United States, Mexico and Canada) furthers the expansion of this industry.

More than 55% of the products in Quebec are transported by truck. With regard to this figure, the Quebec government is taking the necessary measures to prioritize this sector and continues to improve it. For example, the Quebec Ministry of Transport is investing close to $4 billion in the road network. In addition, roadways and road structures are continuously being renovated to provide drivers with easy and comfortable driving. The province of Quebec is continuing its investment with a real plan for road network rehabilitation.

Despite a drop in bilateral trade between Quebec and the United States, truck imports and exports between these two countries continue to play an important role.

Positive impact on employment

The trucking industry is one of the industries that helps create the most jobs. In fact, there are 7,100 trucking companies in Quebec that employ more than 115,000 people in all regions of the province. Aware of the labour market’s evolution, the Quebec government is particularly keen on improving the working conditions of this sector and making the profession more attractive. One way they do this, for example, is by providing many social benefits. Not to mention the future potential of becoming a manager for those who have a desire to take on more responsibility.

However, with an aging workforce in the industry, many truckers will retire in the next few years. As such, the trucking sector will be mass recruiting in short order. If you wish to pursue a career in the trucking industry as a transport truck mechanic or professional driver, we look forward to hearing from you.

What to remember

The trucking industry plays a vital role in Quebec due to its positive impact on the economy as well as the competitive advantages that this means of transportation provides. It helps to create jobs, increase the region’s GDP and increase investment. It goes without saying that the industry is here to stay and investing in it can be beneficial.

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