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Why enforce the use of a speed limiter on truck transportation companies?


Why enforce the use of a speed limiter on truck transportation companies?

For almost 10 years, truck transportation company owners have had to comply with provincial regulations to limit the top speed of their heavy vehicles. Using a speed limiter, they must ensure that their drivers cannot travel over 105 km/h.

But what are the reasons for limiting the speed of trucks to 105 km/h in Quebec?

Which trucks are targeted by this measure?

Before we can even understand the reason for a speed limit regulation on heavy goods vehicles, it is important to know that not all trucks are affected by it.

Trucks equipped with a speed limiter

First and foremost, you should know that most of the heavy vehicles assembled since 1995 are equipped with an ECM, for Electronic Control Module, which allows among other things to limit its top speed. No equipment needs to be added to the truck to make it compliant, the limiter simply needs to be activated and the maximum speed set to 105 km/h. Trucks that are not standard-equipped are not subject to the restriction.

Transport trucks exceeding a certain weight

Speed limiter activation is mandatory on all trucks and equipment transport vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,000 lbs or more, which equals 11,794 kg. The limit is the same on the entire Quebec road network, as well as in Ontario.

Some vehicles exempted from regulations

While most transportation companies are subject to these regulations, not all vehicles are covered. Emergency vehicles, buses, recreational vehicles and lift vehicles are not included.

The rationale behind this regulation that carriers must comply with

Of course, limiting the speed of trucks is a constraint that can increase time spent on the road. However, certain factors justify the implementation of this measure.

Limiting speed to reduce GHGs

Combatting climate change is currently a priority at various levels of government. With a speed limit of 105 km/h, Transports Quebec estimates that fuel savings of more than 46 million liters per year are possible. Such numbers promise a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of around 130 kilotons of carbon dioxide a year.

A question of road safety

It has also been proven that excessive speed leads to an increased risk of accidents for several reasons.

Firstly, Quebec’s road network infrastructure isn’t designed to guarantee safe driving for those who exceed speed limits.

Secondly, in the event of a collision, a high-speed impact will have more serious consequences, especially if the truck is carrying hazardous materials. Moreover, the higher the cruising speed of a vehicle, the more difficult it will be to avoid an obstacle. The driver’s field of vision decreases as he accelerates and the stopping distance increases.

Econo Nord: a respect for speed regulation compliance

Always up-to-date on the laws governing the truck transportation industry, Transport Econo Nord ensures that its truck speed limiters are activated and fine-tuned to limit the maximum speed of its trucks to 105 km/h. This allows us to contribute in our own way to road network safety and the fight against climate change without increasing delivery times.

Use our services for all your transportation needs in Quebec, Ontario and even the United States.