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LTL Transport from Quebec to Ontario: the needs of various industries


LTL Transport from Quebec to Ontario: the needs of various industries

Ontario is the driving force behind the Canadian economy and has the largest concentration of companies in the country. Some of its regions are known for having strong mining and forestry industries.

However, these industries must rely on many pieces of equipment and products from outside the province, particularly from Quebec. Find out what LTL transport needs are generated by certain sectors of activity in Ontario.

Transportation needs in the mining industry

The northern part of Canada’s most populous province is a natural resource-rich territory. Many raw materials are extracted from its soil. Among these, gold is at the top of the list with no less than 17 mines from which the precious metal is harvested.

The demographics and economic development of this region have been strongly influenced by the mining industry. Cities such as Timmins, Hearst, Cochrane, Kapuskasing and Sudbury are examples of cities that are experiencing growth due to the presence of precious metals in their soil. Of course, specialized equipment is required to extract these minerals. A city like North Bay has taken advantage of this demand for machinery to develop a complementary industry: tool manufacturing for the mining sector.

However, many Quebec companies are also involved in the Ontario mining industry. These include parts for specialized machinery. Naturally, they mainly use LTL transport companies to ship their cargoes to Ontario. This option ensures that they pay a fair price for moving their goods, even if the quantity to be transported is not enough to completely fill a truck.

A forestry industry that also generates logistics needs

Like Quebec, Ontario also has vast forests that can be harvested to produce lumber or supply the pulp and paper industry. In a community like Thunder Bay, famous for its port from which much of the grain produced on the Prairies is shipped, the forestry industry is a powerful economic driver.

A large number of transport trucks pass through this vital hub of the Ontario economy. They transport, for example, forestry equipment and mechanical parts for companies that operate in Ontario’s forests.

For Quebec exporters who sell products to operators in this sector, relying on LTL transportation service has undeniable advantages. They may require the goods to be picked up from their premises and then stored at the carrier’s facilities until they are placed in a shipment.

A partial load shipping service to Ontario that meets your expectations

If you are looking for a carrier who can ensure that your pallets and partial loads will be shipped on time to various Ontario territories, Transport Econo Nord can provide you with the best LTL Transport service.

Serving a wide range of industries in Quebec, Ontario and the United States, our team has the skills to effectively manage truck loading and delivery routes based on your final destination and delivery date requirements.

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