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How to Calculate the Road Transportation Cost for Goods


How to Calculate the Road Transportation Cost for Goods

Your company creates excellent products that you are well-known for and you are very proud of them. These products can’t just stay on the shelf—they need to be delivered to customers or businesses that will sell them for you.

Like most companies, you have to rely on a road freight carrier who will deliver your products to their destinations. However, before shipping your merchandise, you’ll need to calculate the transportation cost. 

Transport Econo Nord explains the procedure to follow in this article.

1. Determine the weight and dimensions of your goods 

A road freight carrier’s transportation costs depend on several factors, including the weight and dimensions of the goods that need to be shipped. 

The weight and size of your shipment will determine the mode of transport and type of truck that will be used to deliver your goods.

If your cargo is small, the company may be able to use a six-wheel truck rather than a ten-wheeler.

If the products you want to ship are larger in size, then they will probably need to use a trailer truck equipped with a lift gate that will be big and powerful enough to move your goods. The type of truck and number of trailer axles required are key factors that influence the transportation cost.

This is important because the weight and size of the load will also have an impact on tire wear and fuel consumption during transportation. In addition to dimensions and weight, the cost per kilometre, the price of fuel and the daily shipments must also be taken into account. 

2. Select the right road transport equipment

What type of equipment should be used to transport your goods? This is another question your carrier will ask to determine the transportation cost, because not all cargo has the same requirements when it comes to road transport.

If you are shipping products that must be kept at a specific temperature, the carrier will need to use a heated trailer or tanker.

If you are shipping agricultural equipment, you’ll need a type of trailer that meets those specific needs.

3. Consider destination and location

Delivery distance is another factor that affects transportation cost. In addition to the total number of kilometres, destination and location can make a difference when it comes to calculating total transportation costs. Certain popular routes can sometimes be cheaper, such as shipping between Montreal and Toronto, but generally speaking, the longer the journey, the higher the price. 

4. Calculate your cargo density for a more precise transportation cost

The road carrier must consider cargo density when calculating the transportation cost for your goods.

Density is defined as the space an item occupies compared to its weight. For example, goods that weigh more than 50 lbs per cubic foot are considered to be class 50, while those that weigh less than 1 lb per cubic foot are class 500.

Goods in a lower freight class usually cost less to transport. You can calculate the density of your merchandise yourself, or have your carrier take care of it for you.

5. Take handling into account

When transporting goods by road, the carrier needs to consider packaging, unit dimensions and the fragility of your merchandise.

The more difficult a product is to handle, the higher the transportation cost will be. Moving a cargo of apples does not require the same level of care as transporting explosives. The carrier will take this into account when calculating road transportation costs.

Rely on Transport Econo Nord’s expertise to calculate road transportation costs

Calculating road transportation costs for goods is never simple—there are many variables that must be taken into account when setting the price.

Transport Econo Nord can make these calculations for you when organizing transportation for your goods. Our Quebec-based road transportation experts can guide you through every step of the freight shipping process.

Contact us today for help calculating the cost of transporting your goods. You can also fill out a quote request as soon as your shipment is scheduled.