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What should you check before choosing your road transport company for the winter?


What should you check before choosing your road transport company for the winter?

Freight transport by road is carried out all year round, even in winter. Despite cold and harsh weather, road transporters still manage to move goods efficiently to their destinations. However, some carriers are more efficient than others during the winter season. So, what should you check before choosing your road transport company for the winter?

Plan your winter deliveries carefully before choosing your road transport company

Before choosing the trucking company that will serve your business during the winter, you must first plan your freight deliveries carefully. Snowfall and ice on the roads sometimes lead to unpredictable closures. Regardless of the chosen carrier’s level of expertise, it is impossible for them to predict the weather conditions that will affect your delivery. In some cases, the carrier may opt for an alternative route and thus avoid any delay in delivery. However, these detours are not always possible. By planning your deliveries, and shipping them at the right time, you ensure that your goods will get to their destination on time, regardless of weather conditions. So plan to ship your goods as soon as possible and ask your carrier for help, since they can give you the best advice.

Transport companies with warehouses: a key factor to consider in winter

Transport companies with a storage service are a very beneficial solution when it comes to properly planning the shipment of your goods in the winter. In addition to freeing you from your products before they are delivered, this type of service allows you to store your goods securely. Storing your goods with the carrier also allows him to better manage your delivery schedule. By entrusting your goods to them, you can rest assured that they will be shipped on time.

Choose a carrier equipped with systems to track your shipments

Even with good planning and tight logistics, delivery delays may not always be easy to predict. Fortunately, some carriers allow you to track your shipment. By equipping their vehicles with a tracking system, these delivery companies communicate the geographical position of the truck that transports your goods at all times. In addition, these systems provide you with information on their status. Before making your choice, make sure that the transport company uses this tracking system. This will show you in real-time if your goods have been picked up, delivered, or if they are in transit.

Assess the cold sensitivity of your goods to choose the right road transport provider

Before choosing your road transport company, you need to assess whether your goods are likely to be damaged by cold weather. What type of goods do you ship? Some food products and the vast majority of electronic products are very sensitive to cold. If you choose a carrier that lacks the required equipment, your goods will likely be damaged during shipment. When you determine that your goods need to be protected from the cold, choose a road transport company that has closed and heated trailers.

Transport Econo Nord: a road transport company equipped for winter

Transporting your goods by road in winter is a straightforward operation when choosing the right carrier. After all, road transport remains the fastest, most efficient and cheapest solution for most companies.


Transport Econo Nord offers services fully suited to the winter season. When preparing your next shipment, contact us.