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What new technologies are available for road transport companies?


What new technologies are available for road transport companies?

When it comes to technology, the more it changes, the less it stays the same.

New technologies are regularly introduced on the market. These new advancements aren’t just reserved for more trendy market segments like telecoms and other 2.0 sectors. The road transport industry also benefits from these developments.

Here are 4 new technologies that redefine trucking and fleet management.

Dynamic routing: the newest addition to help carriers

GPS provides truckers with their geographical position at all times and with unparalleled accuracy. Until recently, most of these systems were relatively limited and lacked crucial information that truckers could use to improve their performance. Today, a new GPS is available: dynamic routing.

These systems add adjustment options and additional data that inform the driver and dispatcher about the routes taken. They provide better trip planning information to optimize truck transportation. In addition, these systems provide truckers with up-to-date gas prices, real-time road conditions and the location of nearby truck stops and weigh stations. This innovation reduces delivery time and fuel consumption, two important cost factors for any carrier.

Big Brother has an eye on your truck, inside the cab and out

Camera systems in the cab have been around for a few years. Recently, these systems have undergone many improvements, including image processing, ease of use and recording capacity. Cameras installed in the cabs help to prevent distractions while driving by using a system that monitors for anomalies such as drivers talking on the phone while driving.

Furthermore, an increasing number of carriers are opting for trucks equipped with forward-facing cameras, which have recently become available. These cameras are popular with transporters, who can use them as evidence in collisions. These new camera systems broadcast live video, which is convenient when a truck enters a congested fleet.

Collision mitigation technology for road transporters

Due to their mass and large size, heavy trucks are more frequently involved in collisions than other types of vehicles. In order to promote road safety, collision mitigation technology has been made available. This detection technology allows collisions to be monitored and can take emergency measures to avoid them. This safety feature is beneficial for all types of road transporters, but perhaps most importantly for those who transport fuel and other hazardous materials.

Trailer tracking devices to prevent goods from being lost

Do you know where your trailer is? Not always, and this is why the new trailer tracking devices on the market are useful. This technology, which tracks the position of a trailer, makes it much easier to locate and manage assets. It also helps prevent loss due to theft, since this device can alert you if one of your trailers is in an area where the risk of theft is high or even if your trailer has been stolen. Many carriers use it to review the usability, productivity and service life of their equipment.

Transport Econo Nord: at the forefront technological leadership

New technologies introduced to the market are greatly helping carriers execute their tasks. In addition to improving their performance and promoting better public safety, these innovations are a perfect addition to their growth strategy.

The best carriers are those who benefit from these advancements. Transport Econo Nord is a leader in this field. For all your logistics or freight transportation needs, contact Transport Econo Nord. Together, we can go further.