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How to choose an LTL carrier for your retail business


How to choose an LTL carrier for your retail business

Retail trade, what a vibrant sector! If you are in the business, you know that your success depends in large part on the service you provide to your customers. In addition to your general customer service, your merchandise delivery process is a major factor when a potential customer is tempted to do business with you.

If you are a retailer and you care about the success of your business, here’s how to choose your LTL (partial load) carrier.

Choosing the right LTL carrier means identifying your retail needs

In order to take full advantage of your LTL carrier, you first need to clearly identify your freight shipping needs. The features of the products you ship play a crucial role in the carrier selection process. Understanding your needs also means identifying the equipment needed to ship it.

Depending on the case, some types of freight will require specific trailers. For example, if you ship electronic products in cold weather, you will have to switch to a carrier that offers heated trailers. Conversely, if you need to transport fruit to a distribution centre, you will need an air-conditioned trailer. Similarly, if you are shipping explosives, the carrier you choose must have the required permit to transport this special cargo.

Knowing the specifications of your freight, such as its dimensions, will help you determine the best carrier for you.

Choose a carrier who can store your goods to deliver on time

In order to transport your goods efficiently and quickly, you should use a carrier with warehouses. Your shipping time is almost as important as the freight you ship, since patience is a virtue that few customers have these days. This means that a customer becomes impatient quickly if he does not have his goods within the specified time frame.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a carrier to have several warehouses strategically located near delivery hotspots. These secure and convenient centres allow you to store your goods without any worries. This way, when the demand is high, all you have to do is give your carrier a call to communicate your shipping needs.

Real-time delivery tracking to the rescue of retailers

Moreover, if you are a retailer and want to choose the right LTL carrier for your company, it can be very useful to opt for a company that offers real-time tracking of the goods. These tracking devices allow you to monitor the status of your merchandise at any time. Has it been collected? Is it on its way? Or, alternatively, has it reached its destination? By choosing an LTL carrier that offers real-time freight tracking, you will no longer have to worry about it.

Retailer and LTL carrier: how to create a strong partnership

In addition to these crucial points, we recommend checking a carrier’s customer satisfaction rate. It can also be very reassuring to choose a freight company that has been in the business for some time, since it is more likely to be competent.

Are you a retailer who needs to transport goods via LTL transport? Transport Econonord is committed to providing full customer satisfaction. For more information or to hire a professional freight service, contact Transport Econonord.