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What companies benefit most from LTL transport services in Canada?

Analyse d'un chargement LTL par deux profesionnels

What companies benefit most from LTL transport services in Canada?

Companies that specialize in the retail trade are constantly confronted with a recurring problem: the mode of transport to use. In the case of road transport, they have two options: Full Truckload (FTL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL) transport, i.e. partial load transport.

While the first is typically the standard choice of companies, the second, more specific, can be a very good alternative. But which companies are best served by this type of freight transportation in Canada?

A cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation service for Canadian companies

Partial load freight is a mode of transport loaded with goods from different companies. As a result, for similar destinations, transport costs are distributed between the different cargoes, and therefore between the different companies that use the service. This method of goods distribution is particularly useful for SMEs, since they can reduce their costs, which is often crucial to the successful growth of their business.

This is not the only advantage offered by LTL transport. The service also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the number of vehicles on the road. In this way, this type of transportation contributes to reducing the ecological footprint of trucking on Quebec and Canadian roads at its own scale.

Just-in-time management provided by LTL transport

Canada is a very large territory. LTL transport therefore offers a flexible solution for companies in several ways: a delivery date suited to the realities of the company, shipments organized according to each company’s specific needs, emergency delivery options, etc. Companies can operate in a larger part of Canada to satisfy the most distant customers. Faced with strong competition or ever-increasing customer demands, this type of transport is a major asset for SMEs that want added benefits.

Control your goods with LTL transport

In addition to managing transport distances, companies must face another challenge, namely the storage of goods. With LTL services, you can make room in your inventory instead of waiting until the goods are available in sufficient quantities to fill a truck that can ultimately only deliver from point A to point B.

Moreover, some road transport companies provide a short or long-term warehousing service for goods in transit. This eliminates the need to worry about the logistics between the time of pickup and the expected date of delivery. These reduced fees can benefit all Canadian companies.

A transport service that meets all needs

Finally, while it is very useful for SMEs, LTL transport is above all a flexible service that allows any company to improve its efficiency, reduce its transport costs and satisfy its customers.

If you want to take advantage of the many benefits of LTL transport services to move your goods to Canada and the United States, you can contact us.