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What are the main factors that affect your freight costs?


What are the main factors that affect your freight costs?

When you use a transportation service to move your goods from point A to point B or to have them delivered to one of your customers, freight charges apply. Since they are calculated based on several parameters, these costs can vary. It can therefore be difficult to figure out and understand the prices posted by your carrier.

For a clearer picture, find out what factors impact the valuation of the freight costs that apply to your goods.

Air, sea or road transport: how does it affect your freight costs?

Depending on your needs, destination and means, it may be more appropriate to choose one mode of transport over another. This choice will be a key factor in calculating the costs that apply to the transportation of your goods.

By air

Faster and safer, air freight transport is also the most expensive. Since it only allows for the transport of a limited load, it is not suitable for the transport of very heavy or bulky goods. Its high cost obviously varies according to the quantity and weight of the goods, but fees can also be added depending on the airlines.

By sea

This is a useful mode of transport for moving goods to another continent and is suitable for transporting the largest and heaviest loads. Maritime transport therefore offers an advantageous quantity/price ratio, but the insurance costs applied to goods are still high.

By road

In Canada, road transportation is the most developed and therefore the most efficient mode of transportation. Its ability to adapt to a wide variety of different loads also reduces freight costs. This is because there are different costs depending on the type of goods you are transporting and their volume.

Also note that if you ship your goods abroad, customs fees may apply, which can vary from country to country.

On the road, the distinction between types of goods makes all the difference

If you choose to transport your goods by road, you should know that several factors are taken into account when calculating the costs.

The travel distance can naturally influence transport costs, but it is above all the quantity and volume of your cargo that will have a significant impact. Carriers therefore distinguish between partial load transport, or LTL, and full load transport, or LT.

These two categories do not involve the same logistics, since the trucks used for LT and LTL transport are different, particularly in terms of size and fuel consumption. The freight costs will therefore vary.

For oversized or dangerous goods, there is also a cost to using sophisticated logistics since these loads require special attention.

Reliable and transparent freight transport

Specializing in LTL transportation in Quebec and Ontario, Transport Econo Nord guarantees you a service that meets your needs at the lowest cost.

If you are looking for a trusted carrier who will help you calculate your freight costs transparently, contact us.