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How is the trucking industry evolving in Canada?


How is the trucking industry evolving in Canada?

Did you know that the trucking industry experienced its first boom in Canada by participating in the war effort? This sector, which now transports 70% of the goods in North America, was indeed responsible for the successful preparation of the Canadian forces. Because it was (and still is) responsible for the transportation of raw materials and finished products, such as weapons and aircraft, the trucking industry was declared essential to the war effort.

But this is far from the only way the trucking industry in Canada has evolved. Other changes have also taken place over the years.

Trucking industry workforce dependent on market developments

Today’s trucking shortage is no accident. On the contrary, it is the result of many factors that have taken place over several years. However, one point can be made: in the trucking industry, supply has not kept pace with demand, which has been growing for years.

While the free trade agreements between the United States and Canada are primarily responsible, the advent of e-commerce has changed the game when it comes to the delivery of goods. The number of online purchases has exploded, resulting in a considerable demand for transport that is difficult for the current workforce to meet. This has led to a change in logistics in order to better handle the high number of deliveries, as well as to promote LTL transport services that allow smaller shipments to be sent from a larger number of shippers.

Technological evolutions that benefit trucking

As is apparent everywhere, technology has developed tremendously in recent decades. The arrival of GPS, surveillance and driver assistance systems has brought its share of innovations in road transport. Trucks have gradually been equipped with cabin surveillance cameras, trailer tracking systems and many other new technologies. These have not only improved working conditions for truck drivers, but also improved their safety.

Furthermore, the trucking sector, previously unconcerned about environmental issues, has adopted technologies that have made the business greener. New exhaust filters, more fuel-efficient engines and new, more environmentally friendly fuels have appeared in truck manufacturing plants. Technologies have also driven innovation by creating electric transport vehicles, which have won over more than one company. Electric trucks are becoming increasingly popular on the market.

Transport Econo Nord, a trucking company that understands the evolving industry in Canada

The trucking industry is constantly evolving. With the changes affecting our society’s consumption habits, trucking must adapt its methods and workforce to meet ever-increasing demand. At Transport Econo Nord, we are constantly working to improve our service in response to new market realities. If you have any questions about our fleet and our services, do not hesitate to contact the Econo Nord transport team!