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How is a storage service essential for freight transport?

How is a storage service essential for freight transport?

Import and export operations involve important inventory management issues. There are numerous challenges and they can vary according to many factors: customer flows, freight flows, transport risks, etc. All these issues can have a direct impact on your business and incur significant costs, even causing some material losses.

Find out how a storage service offered by your carrier can simplify your transportation operations and logistics.

On-site storage services provide better inventory management

Inventory management is the number one issue for any freight importer or exporter. Indeed, many of the hazards of this profession are related to the storage of goods.

Various events beyond your control can result in you having a surplus of goods, which is difficult to manage if you lack enough storage space. A lack of storage space can force you to pile up products in a limited space, which often results in breakage or damage to property, as well as circulation problems in the overloaded warehouse.

Storage at your transport company provides you with additional space. Goods that you cannot keep on your own premises are kept in a safe place until they are shipped or you can free up space. This makes it easier to manage unexpected events and can even allow you to purchase additional quantities of products, which can lead to economies of scale.

Secure your goods by entrusting storage to your carrier

The other significant advantage in freight warehousing with a carrier is the security guarantee offered by the company. Many road transport companies have a warehouse equipped with surveillance cameras and with tightly controlled access to the storage area. Most transport companies’ warehouses are also equipped with a fire safety system and their forklift operators are trained in forklift operation and are familiar with safety rules.

All these measures have been implemented to provide companies with guarantees on the protection and security of their goods so that they are not a source of concern.

The Transport Econo Nord mission: simplify each customer’s life

Warehousing services at carriers therefore allow more flexibility in managing goods that are waiting to be delivered or that cannot be stored by the customer due to a lack of space.

At Transport Econo Nord, our warehousing service gives our customers a great deal of freedom. We guarantee the security of goods and simplify their supply chain as much as possible. You are welcome to contact us to take advantage of this service today!