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What is the role of a customs broker in the freight transport sector?


What is the role of a customs broker in the freight transport sector?

Thousands of shipments cross international borders every day. There are many procedures carried out by customs brokerage companies to facilitate the shipment and delivery of goods from one country to another.

Each country is subject to a different set of rules and laws concerning the import and export of goods, which makes the process considerably more complex. The role of the customs broker is essential, since he is in charge of the transactional process during export.

What are the customs broker’s tasks?

The customs broker’s main responsibility is handling export transactions. He therefore manages the release of shipments of goods for his clients, whether they are companies, importers, exporters or wholesalers. The broker ensures that information about the export of orders is provided to his clients. In Canada, most customs brokers specialize in transportation between Canada and the United States.

He also coordinates the steps involved in the entry or exit of goods. When managing customs and commercial documents, he oversees the regulations relating to each country. He also manages all aspects of customs duties applicable to exported goods.

He works simultaneously with agencies and officials during the shipping process and serves as a sort of interpreter. He must ensure that all procedures are appropriate and respected, and that communication is good between the various stakeholders involved. As a result, he simplifies the shipment of goods to a foreign country.

Communication between the carrier and the customs broker

Once the order is picked up by the truck driver, he sends the necessary documents and information to the customs broker by e-mail or fax. This allows the broker to verify the accuracy of the information and send it to the customs authorities. Once the information has been validated and accepted at customs, the broker receives the accepted transaction notice and the trucker can come forward. The broker therefore ensures the smooth processing and compliance of the goods through customs.

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