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How to choose the right freight transport services?

offre de transport de marchandises

How to choose the right freight transport services?

The services offered in the world of road transport are constantly developing. Among the various freight transport services, it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around.

In addition to the cost, there is a long list of elements to consider when you want to compare transport companies. But what are the factors to consider when choosing the right freight transport service?

Here are some of them.

Choose the freight transport service best suited to your cargo

Before you can make the best choice from the various freight transportation services, you first need to determine what type of service is best suited to your cargo.

Some products require special transport

Each shipment requires special attention. Some products have to be handled with extreme care and kept at a specific temperature. Others, such as explosives, have to be transported by companies with a special licence.

The cargo format also needs to be considered

You have to choose a company that can offer you the type of transport that suits your needs, depending on the size, weight, shape and nature of your goods.

For example, an LTL (partial load) transport service is ideal for shipments that do not fully load a truck. On the other hand, an LT transport service is ideal for shipping large loads. Some transport companies will even offer services for the delivery of oversized items that require a road escort.

Choose from the different services based on your budget

You can of course choose from the various freight transport services based on your budget. Comparing the rates offered by different companies will give you a good idea of how much it costs to ship your cargo.

Many carriers even offer the option to request a quote online. This is very convenient when it comes to sticking to your transportation budget.

Customer feedback can speak volumes about a carrier

When you want to choose between the many freight transport services, you can always study the services offered by each carrier in depth. However, it is sometimes worth hearing from those who have chosen to do business with these companies in the past. This can be done by going online to read reviews left by customers who have used their services.

Did the carrier respect the delivery times? Does it offer a personalized service? Did the goods arrive in good condition? Does the carrier offer warehousing services? The answers to these questions may well be hidden in the experiences of former clients.

Transport Econo Nord has the right service for the transport of your goods

In short, choosing between different freight transport services can be complicated. However, when you carefully research and define your requirements, it becomes easier to narrow down certain companies.

Do you want to work with a reliable transportation company that offers a wide variety of different services? Contact Transport Econo Nord now. We specialize in road transport in Quebec and our qualified team will be able to meet your needs and even provide you with a quote.