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What will road transportation trends be in 2020?


What will road transportation trends be in 2020?

The road transportation sector is a rapidly changing environment. With the various ecological, technological and regulatory advances, the future of transport is looking brighter than ever.

Would you like to know more about the various innovations expected during the year? Find out what road transportation trends are expected in 2020 in this article. Let’s get started!

The green approach is driving road transport trends in 2020

With the widespread climate concerns, people are more determined to make concrete changes to their consumption. In the transportation sector, the transport of goods accounts for 30% of CO2 emissions.

As demand continues to grow, the ecological footprint will become increasingly large if companies refuse to invest in sustainable development.

In an effort to remedy this situation, a much more environmentally friendly approach is expected in 2020. Various alternatives such as the manufacture of biodegradable materials for packages, the advent of alternative fuels such as natural gas and route optimization will be integral parts of the changes to the road transport sector.

A change in regulations for better control of road transportation

The year 2020 will not only bring a greener approach, but also regulatory change. In an effort to have better control over road transportation, electronic logging devices will be tested and certified by accredited bodies in 2020 and will be mandatory in 2021.

These devices electronically record the dates and hours of service of a transport vehicle and ensure compliance with the SAAQ’s regulation for driving and off-duty time.

These devices will therefore reduce the negative impacts of non-compliance and save time and money by eliminating paper daily logs.

Improving logistics in 2020: efficiency above all

Storage services can sometimes be helpful when you hire a carrier. Choosing a company with efficient logistics can give you additional space before you ship your goods or even before you can store them yourself.

However, according to the Institut d’innovation en logistique du Québec, Quebec is lagging behind in the implementation of technologies that improve logistical efficiency. In fact, the freight transportation sector has the fewest ERP-type technologies to manage daily activities.

In an effort to address the various problems that this lack of resources might cause, various integrated business management systems will be implemented in 2020 to improve logistics in the transportation industry.

Road transportation trends in 2020: making a 180-degree turn

All in all, the various trends in road transportation in 2020 will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the sector. Whether it is environmental, regulatory or logistical, concrete changes must be made to encourage the growth of this essential sector.

For more information on freight transportation, please contact Transport Econo Nord. Our team is specialized in road transport in Quebec and will be able to meet your needs.