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Can freight consolidation be the best transport solution for small businesses?


Can freight consolidation be the best transport solution for small businesses?

Many companies use transportation services. However, it can be more complicated for small businesses to find a transportation service that allows them to provide good service to their customers while avoiding astronomical costs.

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to optimize the way you ship your products? Find out why freight consolidation is a transport solution worth considering for small businesses.

How does freight consolidation work?

Freight consolidation is the equivalent of LTL transport. This concept, which is very popular in the logistics and transport sectors, means that small batches of goods (i.e. not enough for a full truckload) from multiple customers are grouped together in the same truck to be shipped at the same time.

Freight consolidation reduces transport costs for small businesses

Freight consolidation as a transport solution for small businesses offers a real economic advantage. This is why small businesses generally choose to transport their goods through a freight consolidation service, since they don’t have enough cargo to load an entire truck.

Freight consolidation allows companies that have loads transported in the same truck to share shipping and storage costs. Each company therefore pays for the services it requires.

This is also an advantage for your customers, since the delivery costs will be lower than if you opt for full load transport.

Offering a better service with freight consolidation

As a small business owner, you need to stand out from your competitors and carve out a place for yourself in your field by offering outstanding customer service.

Freight consolidation contributes to this goal. This transport solution makes it possible to increase the frequency of shipments, which in turn reduces delivery times. In addition, sharing delivery costs makes long-distance transport more accessible for smaller companies.

This gives you a greater number of routes to reach more customers more quickly. This delivery efficiency will help you maintain a good business relationship with your customers.

Choosing freight consolidation to reduce risks during transport

The reality in road transport is that the risk of an accident or truck breakdown cannot be 100% eliminated. However, freight consolidation can considerably reduce this risk. Choosing this shipping method means that your goods will be transported in fewer trucks, which reduces the risk of accidents on the road.

Besides avoiding accidents, your merchandise being transferred less often limits the risk of it being misplaced or delivered to the wrong location and gives you more peace of mind.

Transport Econo Nord is at your service, whether you are a small or large business

Overall, freight consolidation is an ideal transport solution for small businesses, because it saves money and helps you provide a better service to your customers. In addition, this type of shipment reduces the risks involved in road transportation.

At Transport Econo Nord, we specialize in a variety of road transportation services, including freight consolidation. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about our many transportation services for businesses!