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What are the advantages of trucks equipped with a platform lift for home delivery?


What are the advantages of trucks equipped with a platform lift for home delivery?

It can be challenging to have goods delivered directly to your home. Not only do you have to arrange to be home when the delivery arrives, but you also have to consider accessibility and the available unloading space.

Would you like to have goods delivered to your home without any hassle? Discover all the advantages of trucks equipped with a platform lift. Let’s get started!

Say goodbye to the unloading dock with a truck equipped with a platform lift!

The main advantage of a platform lift is that it avoids the need for unloading docks for depositing goods. This makes it easier to drop off home deliveries in your parking lot or other locations with a truck equipped with a hydraulic platform lift.

When you choose a road transport company equipped with this type of truck, you will benefit from logistical expertise and equipment that can adapt to any space, even the most difficult to access. What’s more, drivers are used to working in cramped spaces. So you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your merchandise being delivered.

Equipment designed to deliver larger and heavier goods

Another advantage of trucks equipped with a platform lift is their suitability for deliveries of heavier and larger loads. Needless to say, not all shipments require the same type of road equipment. However, a truck equipped with a platform lift can allow you to have equipment with a greater mass delivered.

This can include building materials for the patio or shed, outdoor equipment such as a snow blower, lawn tractor, or even small motorized vehicles such as snowmobiles or 4-wheelers. In short, any product or material that cannot be directly picked up can be delivered to your home via a truck equipped with a platform lift. Once placed on the ground, the goods are moved with a forklift for easy storage. Nothing could be simpler!

In fact, retailers and big-box stores often use this type of equipment to deliver goods to their customers.

Econo Nord’s platform lifts for trucks: equipped to deliver the goods

In short, trucks with a platform lift are ideal for home delivery of goods. Not only do these platforms drop off deliveries without the need for an unloading dock, but they also allow customers to receive larger and heavier loads.

If you are interested in doing business with a company in the road transport sector, we welcome you to contact us. At Transport Econo Nord, we guarantee a fast and secure delivery.