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How to Ship a Package from Canada to the US

Préparation colis pour envoi du Canada vers les États-Unis

How to Ship a Package from Canada to the US

The United States is one of the top destinations for shipping goods. The percentage of international shipments is increasing every year, especially since the rise of online shopping. This international shipping need requires more administrative work, prior to the shipment, in order for the package to be received properly.

In this article, the freight experts at Econo Nord explain how to ship a package from Canada to the US.

1. Choose your mode of transport

Having an idea of what is available for freight and package delivery allows you to know the state of the market and what options you have for shipping. This overview of services allows companies to select the shipping options that best suit their needs.

There are several shipping services to the United States. These include ground transportation, which accounts for 54% of all freight shipments in recent years, as well as air and sea transportation.

Choosing the right freight transportation should also consider the size of your package, its weight and its contents.

How do I pick up my package?

Depending on the transportation method you select, you can determine your needs for additional handling for your package shipment. Whether this decision is final or only estimated, it will help you determine your shipping budget. It will also help you decide whether you need transportation insurance or cargo insurance for your package.

Does my package need any special care?

This question depends on the nature of your package to be shipped. For example, if you are transporting dangerous goods such as oil, you will need to consider requesting special service until unloading. This also applies to the delivery of essential goods that need to be handled quickly and safely.

2. Select the right shipping option

When organizing freight transportation, selecting shipping options is a key step. This will depend on the package and mode of transport, but it ensures that the shipment will be carried out correctly. Companies need to consider three factors:

Service features

Shipping options include the nature of the package and its handling requirements and care. Once you determine the right precautions, consider the features of each service. This includes a comparison of stops, storage service requirements or even the need for cross-border pickup. These can influence the price of the shipment.

Shipping price

There is no set price for shipping a package from Canada to the United States. There are factors that influence the cost of shipping freight goods. One of the main factors is the market and the various transportation companies who have different shipping charges. Comparing the price with your budget and the value of your package is necessary for shipping. If this step is neglected, you could end up spending more money than necessary.

Shipping time

Depending on the mode of transportation as well as the service selected, your package may take more or less time to complete the transportation between Canada and the USA. That’s why it’s important to take into account the business days, delivery and shipping times. Some options offered by freight companies have shorter shipping times but require a larger budget. It is up to you to determine your needs and decide which type of service is the most balanced.

3. File the correct documents for customs clearance

Once you have selected the mode and service to ship your package, you need to prepare the transport from Canada to the United States of your item. This also includes the paperwork and declaration to U.S. Customs.

Fill out the official declaration form

Each type of package and commodity corresponds to a type of official pre-shipment declaration. This is because trade agreements have been signed between Canada and the United States. These agreements govern international trade and protect it from fraudulent or illegal shipments.

For each type of merchandise (food, clothing, e-commerce, etc.) there is a trade agreement that must be respected. In Canada, you must present specific documents for an official declaration such as:

  • A commercial invoice
  • A NAFTA certification of origin
  • A shipping company identification number
  • The bill of lading by road, sea or air, depending on the additional services
  • The manifest
  • A declaration of immediate delivery
  • Harmonized System tariff nomenclature

Although the official declaration is the most used when it comes to shipping packages, it is possible to make an unofficial (or personal) declaration of goods of up to $800. This declaration is entirely legal, but rarely concerns businesses.

Clearing customs fees

On all international shipments, companies must clear shipping and customs fees with an international customs broker. Whether before or after shipment, companies are required to pay the fees or face a fine from the U.S. Customs Service when shipping a package from another country. A fine that, when the declaration documents are incorrectly filled out or the goods are not properly declared, can reach 40% of the total value of the package.

4. Prepare your package for shipping to the US

The final step in shipping from Canada to the United States is preparing your package. To do this, you need to refer to the packing instructions, the shipping label and the shipping specifications of your mode of transportation. Once this is done, you can apply postage to the package and load it for shipment.

Trust Transport Econo Nord for your shipments between Canada and the USA

There is a way to simplify shipping goods to the United States. Usually complex, the process is now simplified thanks to transportation companies like Transport Econo Nord that offer simple shipping services.

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