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A customized warehousing service

A customized warehousing service

Transport Econo Nord warehousing service offers you:

A 12 000 sq. ft warehouse located at St-Jérôme, close to highway 15 and well-connected to the main roads.

The 18 loading bays in our warehousing area enable us to handle many trucks simultaneously, speeding up the processing of your goods.

Whether it’s pallets, rolls, machinery, garden sheds, paving materials or any other form of merchandise, Transport Econo Nord has the right storage solution for you.

A « 2 in 1 » service for your shipments

Transport Econo Nord didn’t start out as a warehousing service. Our clients’ need for this service for their shipments became obvious, both for pickups and deliveries, to provide them with greater flexibility.

Our warehousing service allows you to store your goods in transit, for a short- or long-term period, and our transport service delivers them at the desired moment.

Say goodbye to your stock management problems

With Transport Econo Nord’s warehousing service, you can be assured that your goods will be delivered on time to their destination. Entrust your goods to us and we will take care of the delivery deadlines on your behalf: the goods will be in the right place at the right time for prompt delivery! All is perfectly managed to help you hold on to your clients because, as the saying goes – a satisfied customer = a loyal customer!

For businesses and for individuals

Whether you are a business, a retailer, a department store or an individual, Transport Econo Nord has the answer to your storage, dispatch and delivery needs.  Tell us what you need and together we will work out the best solution for you.


The safety of goods and people in our warehousing area is ensured by numerous security measures:

  • Surveillance cameras;
  • Magnetic cards and readers;
  • Strict access controls for the warehousing area;
  • Fire safety systems.

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