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Home Deliveries

Home Deliveries

Delivering your goods directly to your customers’ homes is not always easy.

There can be various reasons:

  • Access difficulties at the delivery site
  • No unloading bay
  • Limited delivery hours

Organizing your deliveries may become a real nightmare when the above factors are combined.

With Transport Econo Nord, you can collect or deliver your goods directly from or to your customers’ homes with no trouble at all.

Our trucks are equipped with hydraulic loading systems which enable us to carry out pickups and deliveries even where there is no loading bay.  We also use of pallet trucks to handle your goods.

The choice is yours

Whether you need a delivery during the course of a day, a morning, an afternoon or at a specific time, Transport Econo Nord can meet your every need. The statistics speak for themselves! 98% of our deliveries are made right on time.

For retailers and department stores

Are you looking for a specialized transport company to deliver your goods directly to your customers’ homes?

Transport Econo Nord is the perfect partner for you, offering home delivery right on time and at the best prices.

We’ll delivery your patio furniture, lawn tractors, out-of-doors equipment, snow blowers, garden sheds (…) to your customers’ homes, trouble-free and on schedule, meeting the deadlines you have agreed with your clients.

Do you have goods to be returned to you? Transport Econo Nord will collect them direct from your customer’s home and deliver them according to your instructions.

Our drivers are used to work in places with limited access for trucks.  You can rely on our highly professional team!

For individuals

You want to have your purchases delivered to your home, but this service is not provided by the seller?

We have the solution for you and can arrange:

  • Collection of goods at the agreed place and time;
  • Delivery of goods to your home at the date and time desired;
  • We can even store your goods for you until you are ready to receive them (for instance, if you first have works to complete).

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