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Truck Transport Service Saint-Jérôme and Quebec

Safe and efficient truck transport

TL shipments or full loads

While our company specializes in LTL shipments (part loads), Transport Econo Nord also offers Full Truckload shipping.

Whether you are looking to transport oversized goods or a full truckload, we have plenty of trucks available to meet your needs.

Contact our experts if you would like more information on our truck transport service.

Transport service for all types of goods

We have a solution for all your oversized goods!

Whether you want to transport highway lamp posts, fiberglass swimming pools or bulky machinery, Transport Econo Nord will take care of your shipments with trucks that suited to your goods.

Our truck transport company can also arrange the shipment of dangerous goods and explosives. Our trucks are fully equipped for these kinds of shipments and our drivers have all been certified in dangerous goods transportation.

State-of-the-art shipment tracking

All our vehicles are equipped with tracking systems, enabling us to keep you informed about the location of our trucks and the status of your goods: picked up, delivered or in transit.

Whether you want to transport goods between Montreal and Abitibi or from Toronto to Abitibi, you’ll always be able to track where your goods are.

A fleet of 38 vehicles

Our straight trucks and two-deck trailers are equipped with hydraulic loading systems, allowing them to pick up and deliver your goods even if there is no loading bay available.

Fitted with interior winter heaters, our trucks can also deliver your goods in extremely low temperatures.

Additionally, our rigorous vehicle maintenance program ensures the safety of your goods and our workers throughout all stages of our shipping operations.

Eco-friendly truck transport service

By applying a 95 km/h speed limit to our trucks, Transport Econo Nord goes beyond the government maximum speed limit of 105 km/h, contributing to reduced levels of greenhouse gases and reducing fuel consumption.

The truck maintenance policy that we implement also complies with environmental standards and ensures the safety of your products.

Safer roads

We are always committed to respecting road safety measures, making sure both our drivers and your goods always remain secure. Transport Econo Nord aims to make the roads a safer place.

Partnerships for improved service

Transporting goods by truck to faraway regions may appear like a complicated feat to many. But that’s not the case for Transport Econo Nord! Thanks to our partners, we are able to offer shipments to all parts of the region, even to areas which are generally poorly served.

Our partners are subjected to strict daily quality control monitoring, especially regarding delivery deadlines and the safety of your transported goods.

Request a quote for truck transport

If you have any additional questions concerning our truck transportation service or if you would like to know our rates, call us now at 450-530-3323 or complete our online contact form and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP!

You can also request a quote online!