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Environment: What must the Road Transport Industry do to pollute less?

Environment: What must the Road Transport Industry do to pollute less?

Road shipping is a very polluting sector and is often criticized because of greenhouse gasses.

People are more and more concerned about the consequences that our actions may have on the planet and try, on a daily basis and in all areas, to contribute to the respect of the environment. We even try to reproduce these small daily gestures in the professional field by, for example, switching of electronic equipment at the end of the day and by using car-sharing to go to work. Things may appear to be more difficult in the field of road transport but there are many ways in which shipping companies and truck drivers can contribute to a healthier environment.

Introduce essential gestures to limit pollution in the road transport sector

In the forefront there are the truck drivers. They are the essential link for the application of pollution reducing measures.

For drivers in road transport companies: a few simple gestures

Switch off your engine when waiting!

It is easy to use auxiliary units for heating or air conditioning in order to avoid leaving the engine on uselessly.

Reduce your speed

Keep a constant speed and avoid brutal accelerations by anticipating traffic hazards.

Maintain your vehicle regularly

Not only should you check your tyre pressure and oil levels but it is also important to change the oil and the oil and air filters. These are important factors in the improvement of the energy efficiency of your vehicle

These are actions which are easy to put in place in the sector of road transport: they are not only good for the planet but also enable companies to save money and time.

Shipping companies: essential actors in implementation of anti-pollution methods

Optimization of LTL road transport loads

Planning is essential in order to limit the impact of road shipping on the environment. By optimizing loads (no empty or lightly loaded trucks) and itineraries (no detours, useless return trips) LTL road transport becomes more profitable for companies and limits the ecological impact. This is the task of any good logistic dispatcher. Software exists also to help road transport companies to complete this task.

Training drivers in road transport companies

For road transport companies there are several ways to create significant environmental impact through education and participative management on this topic.

Road transport companies also have a duty to educate their drivers. Regular training sessions and meetings aiming at looking for ways of improving things in this field can only be beneficial as they show that shipping companies have a real involvement in this area. Finally, who better than the drivers can propose realistic solutions to limit pollution?

Improve vehicles for more ecological road transport

In order to pollute less, vehicles must also be improved so that the industry will become more ecological.

  • Work on the aerodynamics of vehicles to limit wind resistance and reduce oil consumption
  • Replace engines with more recent equipment which is more respectful of the environment
  • Maintain vehicles on a regular basis
  • Use less polluting fuel.

It should be known that Quebec’s energy policy aims to use alternative fuel for road transport before 2030 in order to reduce by 40% the use of petrol in this industry.

Do you want to know the actions that have been implemented in order to limit pollution?

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