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Cargo transportation and its logistics


Cargo transportation and its logistics

The efficient movement of different merchandise and cargo is an essential element for the proper functioning of our entire commercial trading system. Transport companies therefore play a key role and must be able to adapt to your product needs in order to deliver them undamaged.

This is why cargo transportation logistics is an essential aspect in orchestrating the movement of your precious cargo.
The role of cargo transportation logistics is to foresee even the smallest technical detail, from your initial order request to the delivery of your cargo.

In this article, you will discover the inner workings of cargo shipment via truck.

Invitation to tender: a crucial step in the logistical organization of cargo transportation

When you are looking to find a reliable partner to ship your cargo, you need to start by publishing a call for tenders that contains the following information:

• Your expectations, requirements and special needs
• The deadlines associated with the delivery of your cargo
• The nature and quantity of the cargo to be transported

Once the call for tenders has been published, the trucking companies will look over your request and determine if they have the logistic capacities and the equipment to carry out the delivery of your cargo.

The contract: clearly establish the mode of transportation for your cargo

When two companies (your own and the shipping company) decide to collaborate on the shipment of cargo, it is then time to establish a contract. This contract is a symbol of the bond of trust that unites the two companies.

At this stage, the trucking company summarizes in writing all the commitments it will undertake before and during the transportation of your cargo, and specifies the extent of the logistical means to be used to ensure the safe transportation of your cargo.

In this way, you will know all the measures that will be taken to preserve the integrity of your cargo and the means used to ensure their delivery within a defined deadline.

Cargo transportation logistics and its planning

Now comes the time to prepare your order for the actual shipment day.

This is where most of the logistics abilities of the company you have chosen come into play:

• What vehicle will be used to transport your cargo?
• What time will the departure take place?
• What route will the driver take to deliver your cargo as quickly as possible?
• Who will receive the products at their destination?

The whole process of transporting your cargo should therefore be carefully planned by the managers of the company you have chosen.

Nothing should be left to chance!

The delivery of your cargo: the end of a long logistics process

The cargo is now delivered to its destination. This marks the culmination of a long planning cycle that will allow your cargo to arrive safely.

While the planning stage is long and complex, it is a necessary step to ensure safe and secure transportation of your cargo within the set deadlines.

Not well known outside of the industry, the logistics expertise of roadway truckers is an important component of the smooth functioning of all the commercial activities that drive our economy.

Thanks to this, we all have access to the products we need, when we need them!

For any question related to our expertise in the field of freight transport, please contact our team!