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contactHeadquarters: 450.530.3323
Montreal : 514 335-0331
Toll free : 1 888 530-3323
Fax : 450.530.3373


Toll free :

+1 888 530-3323


Monday to Friday : 7 AM to 6 PM


851 Boul. Roland-Godard
Saint-Jérôme, QC
J7Y 4C2

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Our services

Here's an overview of what we can do for you

You’d like to ship merchandise from one town to another.

You have have a need for home delivery.

You’re looking for a shipper that can handle special requirements.

Transport Econo Nord has been contributing to the success of your company for several years.

Our team

A devoted and dynamic team

The dynamic and dedicated team at Transport Econo Nord is over 35 employees strong.

This team delivers the highest level of quality in terms of shipping expertise anywhere in North America.

Whether it be about standard shipping, home delivery or specialized equipment, your merchandise will shipped securely.

Our equipments

Transport Econo Nord has a broad range of special purpose trucks, equipped with a heater and a regular or oversized lifting platform.

The length of the 2-axle trailers vary from 45 to 63 feet. The straight trucks are fitted with 20, 26 or 30-foot freight containers, and the truck tractors are rigged with 6 or 10 wheels.

For special cargo, Transport Econo Nord low-profile open trailers with 3 axles.

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